Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Curated by EzSpace team

EzSpace - Holiday Gift Guide 2022

No matter how quickly the holiday sneaks up, we’ve got you covered with the perfect gift for your entire list.

For every budget and every holiday moment, here are our favourite picks for your beloved one, your kids, and yourself.

Get gifting and give more. 

🎄 TEOM Bunk Maxi Bed - Two beds & more🎄

TEOM Bunk Maxi Bed - Space-saving & Stylish Bunk Bed

Two beds are better than one, you think 🤔

Investing in versatile bunk beds this festive season surely provides a safe and comfortable place for your children, visiting family members, and friends to sleep for years to come.

Our TEOM Bunk Maxi Bed offers a contemporary design and is a sturdy-made multifunctional bed for utilising the spaces in small bedrooms. The inclining stair is another exquisite touch of design, helping the users to get up or down the upper bed safely and effortlessly at night. 

Whether end users are kids, teenagers, or adults - they are likely to find a new space that makes bedtime enjoyable – while also ensuring their sleepover parties are a hit.

⭐ MO Loft Bed - Star of the season⭐

MO Loft Bed - Space saving & Stylish Loft Bed -EzSpace

Sleep, check✔️

Study, check✔️

Work, check✔️

Storage, check, check✔️✔️

All in one with our best-selling product, the MO Loft Bed - an innovative solution for the multi-purpose space in bedrooms. To optimise your precious space under the loft, an elegant desk is well put that offers ample space to study or work, facilitating an open shelf that can store books, necessities, or other pretty little things. 

Bringing all you need into your personal space with just one piece of furniture. This bed can be utilised for kids as a study table or for adults as a work-from-home desk. 

Dear Mr. Santa, what better time than the Christmas season to get myself and my kids a present all at once?

Looking for more Christmas gift ideas?

If you're looking for stellar Christmas gift ideas, you've come to the right place.
We've put together a list of some of the awesome board games, kid's toys, and perfect bedroom furniture combinations 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎄⭐

Premium Chess Set - EzSpace

The Premium Classic Chess set stays true to the old spirit while exploring the modern frontier.  It helps players foster creativity, imagination, and strategic thinking that cultivates deep emotional connections.

Lumina Horse Race - Ludo - EzSpace

Translucent, gradient, and vibrant, it's everything of a new touch of colour that the Lumina Horse Race - Ludo brings up to the game horse race.
Evoking the lush of fun and excitement in traditional game experience, the game is tailored for how you and your loved ones play from the moment you hold the durable weighted token to the point it moves smoothly on the leather board.  
The Islandopoly Board Game - EzSpace
Inspired by the classic family board game Monopoly, the Islandopoly Board Game evokes the lush of fun and refreshment in the game.
It is a lighthearted and educational game to teach your kids the basics of money management, negotiation skills, or even the art of graceful losing in a fun way.
The board game can also be a delicate and luxurious gift for enthusiastic travellers who like to explore beautiful islands in the world. 
Floks pillow
Mini Floks pillow by Floks is a labour of love and offers natural head support for your child. It is also hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating. Made from the finest and softest British wool with luxury, organic cotton.  
The Floks Wool Duvet will give you a better night’s sleep by helping to regulate your body temperature and protect against allergens. Like everything in the Floks family, it is sustainable and bio-degradable. 
Pillow Spray
Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Lime Pillow Spray - All the sprays are Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and use natural, high-quality essential oils. Just before bed, spray a fine mist onto your pillow and bedding.
The Limited Edition Christmas Variety Kit by Purdy & Figg includes the glass Bottle For Life and four eco-concentrate refills in its three signature scents alongside its limited edition Christmas Frankincense & Myrrh blend. Purdy & Figg’s cleaner is naturally scented eco-friendly cleaning, designed to clean all surfaces in your home.
Garmin Vivofit
Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 - Star War (Amazon). The Force is all around when the BB-8 vívofit jr. 2 is on your kid’s wrist. This swim-friendly activity tracker is tough enough to make it through playtime, and with 1+ year battery life, there’s no stopping the action to recharge. There are other variations of colours as well as specific characters for the kid's favourite ones Spiderman, Disney, and Pink.
Fire HD 10
Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet (Amazon). A powerful tablet for school-age children. They'll find their favourites Amazon Kids+ is an all-in-one subscription packed with fun and educational content from Disney, Harry Potter, Lego, National Geographic, and more. 
Lego hogwarts
LEGO 75954 Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Castle Toy (Amazon). This Hogwarts Castle's Great Hall toy is a great birthday or Christmas Harry Potter Gift for kids who love the Wizarding World adventures! 

🎄 Hope that our gift guide can help you better navigate purchasing decisions during the busy holiday season.

We Wish You And Your Beloved Ones  A Very Merry Christmas 🌟

The EzSpace Team 💖