Our story

EzSpace’s mission is to infuse your home with beauty, functionality, and  sustainability through the best space-saving products.

Our story starts when we first realise how much space we can create, and how much fun we can have behind the art of space-saving. We think about space-saving and the fun moments our products could bring to our customers. EzSpace curates an extensive collection of sustainable home furnishings that constantly evolve to fit our customers’ needs. 

At EzSpace, we strive to tackle environmental challenges for a sustainable future. The growing population worldwide has led to higher demand for square footage. As square footage increases, the burden on heating and cooling equipment rises, lighting requirements increase. Simply put, bigger houses consume more energy and produce more carbon emissions to our environment. Our commitment is to optimise living space and reduce the need to extend square footage. We want to create furniture pieces that are beautiful, functional, and more fun to use while providing the personal space for growing families. 

The making of our CARB (California Air Resources Board) wood composite furniture is virtually waste-free, and the products contain no toxic chemicals. Our paper furniture products (coming soon!) are made of recycled water-resistant material, which is not only good for the environment but looks great, too.

To ensure our brand is top of the line, we collaborate with the best engineers and designers. We want to shape hardwearing products in contemporary and modern designs. Once you find what you’re looking for, we guarantee a smooth checkout and delivery experience with responsive support.